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Illinois accident results in collision and gunfire

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Two people were injured in Springfield at the intersection of Dirksen Parkway and South Grand. According to police, a man driving a truck at an excessive rate of speed flipped over and struck three other vehicles. The vehicles he hit were parked at the S and K Buick dealership.

There were no reported fatalities, but two individuals were transported to the hospital. They allegedly did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Springfield police had received a report of gunfire moments before getting the call about the crash. The gunshots allegedly were heard a few blocks from the accident, near South Grand and 11th Street.

Another vehicle was also traveling on South Grand around the time of the crash, and police have suspicions that the two incidents are related.

In the other vehicle, there were five passengers, including a 1-year-old child. This car, thought to be involved in the other incident, was also driving on South Grand during the time of the accident. The mother of the child in that vehicle was unable to provide details of the incident.

Witnesses reported hearing shots in quick succession and then heard sirens. Witnesses claim they heard gunshots coming from the cars traveling at a high rate of speed.

While details of how the two accidents are related were still being investigated, Springfield police continued to interview witnesses and search for someone who may have had some information regarding the incidents.

The two individuals driving the SUV that smashed into the cars parked at the dealership were charged with unlawful possession and firing a firearm. They were taken to a local hospital and then transported to the Sangamon County Jail.

Dirksen parkway was closed to clear the debris and investigate the scene. All lanes were fully operational and cleared quickly. Canines were also dispatched to the scene.

Driving public roads in Illinois is dangerous, just as in any populated area. Gunshots may be a rare highway occurrence, but if you are injured in an automobile accident, you should seek help from a person who can guide you and assist you with your case. You may be able to pursue compensation for any possible medical costs you may incur, as well as for other civil claims.

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