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Charges pending in fatal Edens car accident

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Emergency vehicle sirens broke the silence of the early morning as they raced towards a quarter-mile long collision on the Edens Expressway near Touhy Street.

A Minnesota man was killed when the Chevy Tracker he was operating was rear-ended by another car. The vehicle that smashed into his rear was driven by a Lincolnwood man in his early 20s, traveling southbound, and driving a white Audi S4 sports sedan. Police believe he was exceeding the speed limit when the incident occurred.

Illinois state police report that after the impact of being rear-ended, the man driving the Chevy swerved off to the right and then rolled over twice. The driver of the Chevy truck, from Mankato, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, in conjunction with the Illinois state police.

The coroner’s autopsy revealed the cause of death of the Minnesota man was due to serious and extensive head injuries suffered as the car rolled over. He had been in the middle lane when the Audi struck him with such force on the left rear side, that the small SUV spun around and was pushed into a grassy shoulder to the right of the highway. The two vehicles were mangled so badly, they were almost unrecognizable.

The driver of the Audi was transported to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston. No information about his condition was available.

A spokesperson for the Chicago State Police issued a statement saying charges against the driver are pending.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highway accidents are one of the leading causes of death of Americans every year as they travel our public highways. State troopers say the incidence of fatal collisions would be drastically reduced if people just drove more slowly. Sometimes we are not aware of the speed were are doing until we see the lights and hear the sirens behind us. If you have been in a car accident, you are not necessarily a bad person, but you should exercise common sense, and investigate the law with an agency or person who can advise you about your rights as you drive safely on the roads in Illinois.

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