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Nursing Home Deaths Archives

Dead woman's family claims wrongful death in nursing home

An ailing elderly person usually goes to the hospital or a nursing home during times of health crisis and ailment. However, negligent care and the apathy of some medical practitioners seem to be increasing in nursing homes and hospitals today, and this has become a cause for great concern to patients and family members. Owing to numerous instances of nursing home death cases in Illinois, the state has taken strict measures to punish the guilty.

Nursing home death liability under Illinois law

Nursing home death laws emanate from the broader legal principles of medical negligence. Medical negligence makes any medical practitioner liable for any injury caused to an act or omission on part of the latter. Nursing home neglect and abuse have become a great cause of concern for the state of Illinois.

Nursing home neglect plaguing the elderly

It is common knowledge that as one grows old, the need for medical care increases as well. Many times senior citizens are put in a nursing home for their well-being. However, many times it has been observed that the medical practitioners or the medical staff at the nursing home engages in severe elder abuse or elder neglect. Illinois has stringent rules against such neglect and abuse.

Deaths in nursing homes prompts help from Department of Health

There is a silent but deadly threat lurking in some of the nation's nursing care facilities. At two different sites in Illinois' neighboring state of Minnesota, staff members may have been responsible for the deaths of at least two residents. The Minnesota Department of Health has issued a report stating that those supervising the facilities senior citizens did not provide the necessary medical care for these individuals.

Nursing home residents face dire consequences with hip fractures

New reports include disturbing news for elderly patients with hip injuries at nursing homes. Statistics show that Illinois is just one state with nursing home patients who suffered from hip fractures who will either die or lose self-mobility within a half year of their fractures.

Illinois reacts to study on poor care in nursing homes

Concerns across the nation have increased following a report from the Department of Health and Human Services, surrounding a high incidence of negative treatment of patients in nursing home facilities. This is especially critical to Illinois residents who have thousands of loved ones in the nursing homes across the state.

Illinois nursing home negligence leads to amputation

According to a recent lawsuit, an Illinois nursing home was so negligent in the care that it gave a man who lived in the facility that he had to have his leg amputated. The man spent roughly 13 months in the facility, and he was mostly confined to his bed. He needed extensive care and assistance. He was taken out of the facility at the very end of 2012, but it turned out that his troubles were not yet over.

Illinois nursing facility charged with resident neglect

At first glance, the children of an elderly relative were impressed with the brochures depicting the high quality of care promised to one multiple sclerosis patient confined to a wheelchair. After she had broken a hip, her family felt the next step for her would be to get round-the-clock care.

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