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Nursing Home Deaths Archives

Compromising the health of the elderly

Nursing home abuse is common in many nursing home facilities in Illinois, as well as across the U.S. Nursing home abuse refers to careless acts that may cause serious injury or harm to the elderly residents, affecting them physically, mentally and financially. The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Police have been taking measures to decrease the rate of nursing home abuse. If a person suspects nursing home abuse, that person may contact the concerned departments and file a complaint.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman protects nursing home residents

As people age, they often develop long-term health problems that can require them to enter care facilities that are designed to meet their medical needs. Unfortunately, sometimes residents end up being abused or neglected by staff workers, or even victimized by other residents. This is the reason the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program was established in Illinois: to work toward the prevention and elimination of such abuses and preserving the rights of resident patients. This program is available to every resident in any long-term care facility.

Cook County lawyers specializing in nursing home deaths

Many Cook County, Illinois, elderly people who are dealing with a disability spend years in nursing homes in order to get the medical care that they need. However, recent cases have shown that nursing homes can be places of neglect and abuse for such people. In some cases, the resident of the nursing home passes away due to abuse and neglect. The attorneys at Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. have helped many victims in nursing homes to obtain the justice that they and their family members deserve.

Family alleges nursing home responsible for death of loved one

For many Illinois residents, caring for older loved ones who have health problems that require around-the-clock care can become too much of a burden. For this reason, many senior citizens are relocated into assisted living facilities and nursing homes every day. Unfortunately, families do not always know whether the facilities are reputable and can offer the promised care without endangering their loved ones. One recent nursing home death in a downstate facility may be about to bring the issue some much-needed public attention.

How to find a nursing home that meets your requirements

Many elderly residents of Cook County, Illinois, love their homes and never want to leave them. However, often an elderly or sick person develops a medical condition that requires on-going, skilled nursing care that may not be possible to receive while living at home.

Are there alternatives to nursing homes for Illinois residents?

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes has become an issue in Illinois as well as the rest of the country. Families concerned about the problem of nursing home abuse should be aware that there may be alternatives to nursing homes for their loved ones.

Each year, 1,800 people in nursing homes die from falls

Residents of Cook County, Illinois, may agree that older persons living in nursing homes are vulnerable to falls. Older Americans fall frequently and injuries from falls can result in permanent disability and a reduced quality of life in many cases. In addition to injuries, falls also can cause depression and feelings of helplessness among older persons.

Seeking legal recourse after a nursing home death in Illinois

Nursing home abuses resulting not only in negligence but also death of inmates have become a dire reality in Illinois. Many times the ones who are most vulnerable to such abuse and neglect by the nursing home staff are minors and elderly. The attorneys at Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. have aggressively defended the rights of such victims for decades.

Dead woman's family claims wrongful death in nursing home

An ailing elderly person usually goes to the hospital or a nursing home during times of health crisis and ailment. However, negligent care and the apathy of some medical practitioners seem to be increasing in nursing homes and hospitals today, and this has become a cause for great concern to patients and family members. Owing to numerous instances of nursing home death cases in Illinois, the state has taken strict measures to punish the guilty.

Nursing home death liability under Illinois law

Nursing home death laws emanate from the broader legal principles of medical negligence. Medical negligence makes any medical practitioner liable for any injury caused to an act or omission on part of the latter. Nursing home neglect and abuse have become a great cause of concern for the state of Illinois.

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