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Medical Malpractice Archives

Patient is believed to have had a kidney removed in error

When an Illinois resident undergoes a surgical procedure, there is always a danger that something could go wrong. It's an unfortunate fact that some patients who have surgery, large or small, will have complications, and some even die, following the procedure. One issue that is not expected and should not happen is a surgical error. When there is a mistake due to a negligent surgeon, an error on the part of the medical staff, or for any other reason, the patient is transformed into a victim. The individual who has been harmed, or the family whose loved one died, need to understand his or her rights with regard to filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

New research examines surgeon disclosure after a surgical error

Surgical procedures can be intimidating and worrisome enough for Illinois patients and their families without having to consider the potential for medical malpractice. Research is ongoing to determine the cause of surgical errors and how they should be dealt with when they occur. However, one concern that is frequently overlooked is whether or not medical professionals are honest with patients and their families after a mistake has been made. It is required that information be given to patients, but this is often ignored.

Unqualified VA staff tested many veterans for brain injury

For military veterans in Illinois and across the country, treatment for illnesses, injuries and conditions that came about due to being in the armed forces have become a frequent topic of discussion. Sadly, there is not enough attention paid to those who placed their lives on the line to defend their country. Also, the VA is often cited for making various mistakes in diagnosing and treating patients. Those who believe that they have been subjected to medical malpractice at the hands of a negligent VA doctor need to know their rights, as can be seen by one recently released report.

Study looks into online medical mistakes

For patients in Illinois and across the U.S., new technology that allows medical visits to be completed over the internet might seem convenient. These programs, however, are still in their infancy and research is continuing to determine their safety and usefulness. One particular study has looked into websites in California that are meant to replace a trip to the dermatologist with what is known as "teledermatology." In this study, 16 of these websites gave recommendations that were against practical guidelines, made wrong diagnoses, and did not give necessary information regarding potential side effects and pregnancy dangers of prescriptions.

Medical malpractice death shown to be a common issue

Recent research has shined a light on the frequency of people who die because of medical malpractice. This is an issue that can affect people in Illinois and throughout the U.S., and other studies have corroborated the determination that the number of death claims are the most frequently issued claims of hospital liability. This study was completed by an insurance company even before the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study as to the commonality of death of a patient due to a medical mistake.

FDA seeks to avoid patient injury from medication errors

People in Illinois and across the U.S. who go for treatment to a medical professional expect to receive the right care to improve on their illness or condition. Part of that is often receiving medication. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes that affects people negatively and causes injuries and fatalities is if there is a medication mistake. To combat this, regulatory agencies are constantly trying to find ways to improve safety. Such is the case with the Food and Drug Administration, which gives guidance to manufacturers, pharmacists and practitioners to reduce this danger.

Research examines the risk to a patient due to medication errors

When a patient is receiving treatment for a medical issue in Illinois, he or she might not realize the frequency with which medical professionals make a mistake. These errors can run the gamut from giving the wrong diagnosis to a negligent surgeon performing surgery on the wrong patient or the wrong body part to making a mistake with medication. A fatal mistake is the third most common cause of death in the U.S. While experts are trying to put a stop to this, information is coming to light that computer systems to keep track of medications are not catching all the errors before they happen.

Common errors that a patient might face when hospitalized

People in Illinois who enter a hospital do so seeking care for illness or injury. Unfortunately, the reality is that a large number of mistakes are made making people sicker or even leading to their deaths. Every year, as many as 440,000 people die after a hospital error. This is the third highest cause of death in the U.S. In addition, more than 720,000 people receive a hospital-related infection. Of those, an estimated 75,000 die. Understanding the various ways in which a hospital mistake can lead to problems can help patients recognize when they have happened.

Medical malpractice lawsuit follows wrong body part removal

It is difficult enough for a patient in Illinois or anywhere else in the world to prepare for surgery without having to consider the possibility of an egregious doctor mistake causing further illness, injury or death. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently and, in some situations, the doctors or hospitals will not own up to what happened. Those who are subjected to a surgical error need to be aware of their rights to seek compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Legal assistance after a fatal failure to diagnose in Illinois

For people in Chicago, and anywhere else in the country, the obvious response to feeling certain symptoms or having a medical issue is to go to a doctor or to the hospital for treatment. While this is meant to provide care and deal with the symptoms, some patients become an unwitting victim of a doctor's mistake. Missing a diagnosis or not diagnosing a problem in an adequate timeframe to help can be a major cause to a person becoming sicker or even dying. It is when there is a fatal failure to diagnose that the family left behind needs to have knowledge on how to pursue legal compensation.

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