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Medical Malpractice Archives

Legal assistance after a fatal failure to diagnose in Illinois

For people in Chicago, and anywhere else in the country, the obvious response to feeling certain symptoms or having a medical issue is to go to a doctor or to the hospital for treatment. While this is meant to provide care and deal with the symptoms, some patients become an unwitting victim of a doctor's mistake. Missing a diagnosis or not diagnosing a problem in an adequate timeframe to help can be a major cause to a person becoming sicker or even dying. It is when there is a fatal failure to diagnose that the family left behind needs to have knowledge on how to pursue legal compensation.

Parents note medical negligence in hospitalized children in study

Medical negligence can come in many different ways and can cause a significant amount of damage to patients in Illinois. It can result in a worsening of one's condition or even a fatality. These mistakes can affect adults and children. The last thing a parent wants to believe is that a doctor or other medical professional made an error that damaged their child.

Spinal surgeons most likely to commit a surgical error

When Illinois patients are heading for surgery, there will be a significant amount of fear and worry on their part and among their family members. This can be true even when it is a relatively small, minor procedure. However, when there is something more serious being, done such as surgery on the spine, it can be a dangerous circumstance. This is why when there is an incident of medical negligence, there can be a great deal of damage done to the patient. With the recent information that showed spinal surgeons have the greatest percentage of wrong-site surgical mistakes, the fear can grow exponentially.

Causes, frequency and dangers of medical negligence, part II

Medical care and treatment is meant to assuage concerns and help a patient with problems. It is an unfortunate reality that a negligent doctor can make a mistake causing injury, failing to provide proper treatment and even leading to the unnecessary loss of a loved one. Research has focused on these issues across the country, understanding them and preventing them. People in Illinois need to be cognizant of them in the event that they affect them and family members. Part I of this blog discussed some of the recorded errors, studies and other issues.

Causes, frequency and dangers of medical negligence, part I

In Illinois and across the U.S., people who go for medical treatment for an illness or a medical concern will feel relief when they are told that it is not something that is serious. If they are told that it is a significant issue, they will go through treatment to deal with it. Sometimes, however, the diagnosis is wrong, inappropriate treatment is given and people suffer as a result. Medical mistakes are often preventable. There are certain important facts that a person should understand when they believe that medical negligence has led to a worsened condition or even a fatality.

Legal assistance after birth injury in Cook County

There are few things worse for expectant parents in Cook County than to learn that their baby has suffered an injury at birth that could have long-lasting consequences. Some of these issues are unavoidable and simply happen through uncontrollable circumstances. Others, however, were due to a negligent doctor or other medical professional who did not follow the proper procedures or made a mistake that led to the injury.

Man's death after surgery sparks wrongful death lawsuit

There's an unavoidable trepidation that people have when seeking treatment for a medical issue in Cook County or anywhere else. This might not be due to the expectation that there will be a medical mistake, but the risk of one is a constantly hovering possibility. Even those who are prepared for it on some level might not think it will even happen to them. Unfortunately, it can and does. If there is a surgical error, it can result in serious injuries and even a medical malpractice death. The important thing to do after the unexpected loss of a loved one is to make sure to have legal protection.

Study: patient injury often a result of medication errors

Patients and their loved ones in Illinois and throughout the country are justifiably concerned when a medical procedure is underway. This holds true whether the procedure is major or minor. The actual surgery itself is only one aspect that can be worrisome. Other concerns involve the possibility that medical malpractice can occur. Studies are often undertaken to determine how and why these incidents happen. One in particular is raising fear as it found that medication mistakes happened in almost 50 percent of surgeries. It was also found that one-third of mistakes led to adverse drug events or ended with patients being harmed.

How poor manners can lead to a fatal surgical error

When a surgical procedure is necessary in Illinois, the patient will have natural concerns about it regardless of how routine it is. If it is a more serious procedure, those fears will be exacerbated. Common worries include medication mistakes, operating on the wrong part of the body and other egregious errors that have been known to happen. Research, however, is looking into another phenomenon that apparently can cause mistakes: rudeness in the operating theater.

Study shows patient danger from surgical error

Patients in Illinois and their families are aware of the dangers of any kind of surgical procedure. Even the most common and seemingly routine operations can have inherent risks. One that people don't often consider is that a negligent surgeon may commit medical malpractice and cause injury or death to the patient. It is important to be aware of certain mistakes that doctors and their staffs are prone to make.

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