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Medical Malpractice Archives

Patient frequency of unnecessary double mastectomy is worrisome

When a patient in Illinois or anywhere else throughout the U.S. receives a cancer diagnosis, the priority is to seek the proper and most effective treatment. But what happens if the treatment is unclear or the patient is not capable of understanding how best to proceed? Those who are negatively affected by a doctor's failure to provide adequate advice could end up as a victim of medical negligence. If this causes damage, that could be the foundation for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Alleged missed diagnosis leads to lawsuit in Illinois

Illinois residents who are having a health problem have enough to think about without wondering whether the diagnosis and treatment -- or lack thereof - that they received was accurate. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances in which there is a missed diagnosis that leads to a patient growing worse than he or she otherwise would have been had the diagnosis and treatment plan been accurate. In some instances, there will be a death and the family will need to come to grips with the loss of a loved one. Those who are affected by this form of mistake have the right to consider a medical malpractice lawsuit to be compensated.

Missed diagnosis of skin problem can lead to needless treatment

Certain medical issues suffered by Illinois residents might not sound particularly serious when they are diagnosed and the treatment often sounds as if it is innocuous. However, any mistaken diagnosis can turn a patient into a victim and result in injury, illness and long-term problems. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to a person dying as a result of the mistake. One example is cellulitis. The bacterial skin condition requires antibiotics and sometimes hospitalization. Those who have been misdiagnosed need to know they might have the foundation to file a lawsuit based on medical negligence.

Legal help with delay in diagnosis for stroke in Illinois

The obvious response for a person in Illinois who is suffering from worrisome symptoms is to go to see the doctor. This can be either an emergency room or a personal doctor depending on the perceived urgency. When there are certain issues in place, these are usually a sign of what the problem is. Those who are having a stroke or indicating symptoms that a stroke is a potential danger have the right to expect to be treated to avoid a worst case scenario or prevent the stroke entirely. If that treatment is not provided and the patient is harmed by a late diagnosis or a fatal failure to diagnose, it might be the basis for a lawsuit.

One birth injury claim can lead to a domino effect

When an infant is injured during pregnancy or during the birthing process, it is not always easy for its parents to summon the energy to file a legal claim related to that injury. The infant's mother is often overwhelmed with recovering physically from the birthing process. Both parents tend to be mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelmed by what has happened to their child.

Medical negligence can include misidentifying patients

One of the most important aspects of receiving the proper care at a hospital in Illinois and across the country should be the simplest: accurate patient identification. However, the failure to have the right information on a particular patient is an issue that happens all too often. Those who believe that an injury was suffered or a family member died because of this particularly egregious incident of medical negligence need to understand the statistics as to its frequency and consider a legal filing to be compensated after the fact.

Multi-million dollar birth injury lawsuit speaks to larger issues

New mothers and fathers choose to file birth injury lawsuits for numerous reasons. Certainly, one common reason is ensuring that an injured mother or her injured child receives enough compensation to cover his or her necessary medical care in the short-term and long-term.

Notably egregious errors made against surgical patients

A patient in Illinois who goes to receive treatment from a medical professional might have it in the back of his or her mind that a mistake is possible and that can turn into a fatal mistake. The statistics are such that these types of errors are thankfully rare. Unfortunately, thought, they do happen and a patient can be damaged severely or die as a result of it.

Attempts made to reduce medical malpractice cases with honesty

When there is a medical mistake made in Illinois, and it harms a patient or even leads to a fatality, the patient and his or her family have the right to expect full disclosure and honesty from the medical professionals. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, as the fear of a medical malpractice legal filing and the accompanying consequences of the error often leads to an attempt to avoid responsibility. Increasingly, the goal between medical professionals and patients has tried to become completely candid with an apology for the error.

Misidentifying a patient is a growing concern

When individuals in Illinois think of what constitutes a medical mistake, they may think of a negligent doctor or other medical staff member dispensing the wrong medication or making some other practical gaffe. Since this type of mistake can lead to injury, illness or death, it is taken very seriously. However, one mistake that is particularly egregious is if the patient is misidentified. In some cases, this logistical error is due to a similarity in the names of the patients. However, that is no excuse, and should not protect a negligent doctor from being held accountable.

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