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Worker injured at road construction site in Chicago

Construction workers on Cook County roads are at risk of injuries and death from moving vehicles and construction equipment. In a recent work-related accident, a Chicago construction worker was injured after being hit in the head with a construction bucket.

Who can receive benefits from work-related deaths in Illinois?

Every year, hundreds of employees die in work-related accidents across the United States, including in Illinois. Because employers are responsible for keeping their workplaces safe, safety violations are dealt with strictly by agencies under the authority of federal and state law, especially when they are guilty of construction negligence. Beyond that, surviving family members often face serious financial problems when they lose a breadwinner.

Illinois-based law firm dealing with work-related deaths

Work-related accidents can lead to complicated litigations. According to Illinois law, worker's safety has to be maintained by the employer. Any worker or employee who meets with an accident during the course of employment is entitled for workers' compensation under the law. However such litigations can become tedious. The attorneys at Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. have over a century of combined experience in the field to help out their clients in these complicated situations.

Work-related accident benefits under Illinois law

If injury is suffered during the course of employment but outside the primary work premises, as long as the employee is doing a job authorized by the employer the employee is still entitled to worker's compensation. An employee may suffer severe injuries while performing work-related duties at any time. Injuries may be suffered in a work-related accident. An employee may also suffer an injury due to an inherently dangerous situation found in the workplace. In such cases, an employer may be held liable for any work-related accidents that occur during these aforementioned situations.

OSHA changes reporting requirements for work-related deaths

Workplace accidents are all too common in Illinois. While many of these accidents won't be serious, some will be fatal. Construction negligence is particularly likely to lead to fatal workplace injuries and accidents. The loss of a loved one is never easy, but when a sudden work-related accident takes people from their families, the loss can be even harder to bear. In 2013, more than 4,000 U.S. workers were killed on the job.

New injury report makes Illinois construction workers take notice

Illinois is one of many industrial states in the country. The construction industry, transportation, agricultural, and fish and gaming industries are top work areas that also unfortunately run high numbers of on the job death or injuries. A leading cause of accidents and fatalities at construction sites is frequently construction negligence.

Judge denies motion to dismiss wrongful death suit

A county judge in St. Clair denied a motion by the wife of a construction worker to dismiss a wrongful death suit against a local utility company. The judge denied the motion based on insufficient evidence to demonstrate the company owed a duty to the decedent, breached a duty or caused the worker's death.

Wall memorializes Illinois workers killed in work zone crashes

The 1,363 people whose names are listed on the National Work Zone Memorial Wall include children, police officers, pedestrians and motorists who died in work zone auto accidents throughout the country. The majority of the names, though, belong to deceased construction workers.

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