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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Wild spring weather leads to multiple crashes in Illinois

If it seems to you like the snows should be over, you aren't alone. That's probably why there were so many multi-vehicle accidents in Illinois recently during a sudden mid-April snowfall. Drivers simply weren't expecting the roads to suddenly turn treacherous overnight.

IIHS: driver-assist tech not keeping drivers attentive

Driver-assist technology provides Level Two automation, which means that it can take over certain functions like accelerating or keeping a car in its lane without completely replacing the driver. Unfortunately, this is not getting across to many drivers in Illinois and across the U.S., the result being that they let themselves be distracted behind the wheel.

Research shows daylight saving time leads to fatal auto wrecks

For a few days following the change to daylight savings time, Illinois motorists might find it difficult to adjust, especially when it comes to their morning commute. In fact, the time change is responsible for a 6% increase in fatal car crashes, which accounts to about 30 more fatalities annually according to a University of Colorado research group.

U.S. traffic deaths fall for second year in a row

Illinois readers may be pleased to learn that U.S. traffic fatalities decreased for the second year in a row in 2019, according to new data released by the National Safety Council. The downward trend comes after a few years of significant increases in roadway deaths.

Automakers introduce technology to reduce drunk driving crashes

Drunk driving accidents continue to take lives on a daily basis in Illinois and nationwide. For over 100 years, DUI-related car crashes have been the leading cause of fatalities linked to motor vehicles, and drunk driving continues to take thousands of lives every year. With the improvement of autonomous vehicle technologies, automakers are looking for ways that drunk drivers can be stopped from causing accidents before they happen.

Common causes of car accidents

In order to legally drive in Illinois people must be old enough and must also pass drivers' tests. In these tests, people must learn and demonstrate that they understand the various traffic laws. Once they start driving on their own, the expectation is that they will continue to follow the rules they learned. Following these laws is important because when people fail to follow them car accidents can occur. These car accidents can be very serious as well, leaving people with severe injuries.

Woman dies as result of fatal car crash

Many people in Illinois get in their vehicles every day in order to get to the many different places that they need to go. Generally, people are thinking about what they need to do and are simply focused on arriving at their destination. The assumption is that they will make it to their destination safely. However, people also know that, due to many different factors, sometimes people end up in a car accident and do not make it to their destination.

Many people lose their lives because of drunk drivers

There has been a very large effort to stop drinking and driving in Illinois. There are commercials, billboards and other efforts to inform people of the dangers of drinking and driving. When people drive under the influence, they have slow reaction times, do not think clearly and are not aware of their surroundings. This is a very dangerous combination when people are operating large vehicles at high rates of speed. Unfortunately, the efforts have not worked and many people drink and drive each year.

There are many victims of fatal car accidents each year

Many people in Illinois drive their cars every day. People rely on them to drive to work, go to school, run errands, go shopping, drive their children to various activities, go to friends' homes, entertainment and many other reasons. When people are driving to these various locations they are usually simply thinking about what they need to do or other aspects of life. Usually they are not thinking that they could be in a car accident, but that is a possibility every time people drive.

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