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Emergency Room Negligence Lawyer Chicago

When a hospital operates an emergency room (ER), the public should be able to assume that laws and medical care standards will be followed there. In 1986 and again in 1998, federal laws stipulated that ERs must provide emergency care to those who need it and may not delay services while they seek approval from an insurer. Failure to treat patients in a timely manner can be evidence of emergency room negligence.

Other forms of ER negligence include:

  • Intake errors
    • Failure to thoroughly triage and recognize critical cases
    • Failure to prioritize critical cases over less significant cases
  • Misdiagnosis
    • Failure to diagnose time-sensitive, critical medical conditions
    • Failure to diagnose strokes
    • Failure to diagnose heart attacks
    • Failure to diagnose meningitis
  • Treatment errors
    • Intubation errors
    • Medication errors

Many dangerous medical conditions can be successfully treated if the treatment is done on time. Without timely treatment, a patient can be left with lasting damage. Many people have suffered preventable injuries and death because of delays and medical mistakes occurring after they arrived at an emergency room. Psychiatric patients arriving at emergency rooms may pose a threat of harm to themselves or others if they are left untreated or turned away without proper precautions being taken.

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