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Anesthesia Malpractice

When someone undergoes surgery, many people’s thoughts of risk focus on the surgeon. However, sometimes anesthesia is the greatest danger. The anesthesiologist is responsible for administering powerful medications via IV, by injection or by other methods. These medications are supposed to keep the patient from feeling pain long enough for the surgeons to do their job.

Anesthesia mistakes can allow a patient to feel excruciating pain, cause hypoxic brain injury or result in death. Anesthesia errors may include:

  • Anesthesia overdose
  • Under-dosing of sedative medications
  • Administration of wrong medications

Researchers have identified common risk factors of human error by anesthesiologists, including inexperience, lack of skill using equipment or device used in anesthesia, poor medical team communication, fatigue, distraction and poor training. A thorough investigation by knowledgeable medical experts can often uncover the nature and cause of anesthesia malpractice.

Is your loved one in a coma after surgery, or did you lose a family member to an explained death during an operation? Perhaps you have been told that anesthesia complications occurred — or perhaps you have been told nothing. A timely discussion with an accomplished medical malpractice attorney can lead to answers to difficult questions. You and your family may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering, distress, and loss of companionship.

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