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Nursing Home Deaths Archives

Nursing home inspections to step up for COVID-19

When people in Illinois have loved ones in a nursing home, they may be concerned about their safety. While many people attempt to screen a care facility before placing a relative there, it can be difficult to know everything that happens during the day, especially for people with busy schedules who can only engage in short visits. Reports of COVID-19 spreading in nursing homes across the country has also raised fears about how well vulnerable residents are being protected. Now, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be stepping up the number of health inspections performed at nursing homes nationwide.

Certain issues at nursing homes lead to abuse

When people in Illinois hire others to do a job for them, they expect that the job will be done correctly. They pay these people because they do not have the expertise to do it themselves or do not have the time to complete the task on their own. In some situations, they are paying a significant amount of money to have the job completed as well.

Infections are dangerous and prevalent in nursing homes

As people grow older in Illinois and develop various health issues, living alone can become more difficult. Family members cannot always provide the required care either. So, some people may need to move into nursing homes to receive care. Nursing homes are supposed to provide care and have professionals who are adequately trained to provide the proper care.

Nursing home is fined $25,000 after death of resident

As people grow older in Illinois, generally the body does not work like it did when people were younger. This usually means that people will have more health complications which need to be treated by physicians and other medical professionals. People try to live independently as long as they can, but there comes a point in time where that may not be feasible. In these situations, people may move into nursing homes where they can receive the proper care.

Common forms of physical abuse suffered in nursing homes

One fact of life that no one in Illinois can avoid is the fact that they will get older. As people age their needs change and many people experience more and more health complications. Some of these complications will not require any additional help besides attending doctor appointments and taking prescriptions. However, many illnesses and health complications will require daily care and unfortunately many families are not able to provide the care that their loved ones require.

Care center fined for resident's death

Nursing homes must remain constantly on guard to protect their residents against dangers that are unique to those facilities. Any neglect can have deadly consequences. The Illinois Department of Health recently fined a Springfield intermediate-care center $10,000 for the death of a 57-year-old man with Down Syndrome from a severe infection and for infections which also harmed three other residents.

Negligence blamed for death of nursing home resident

Failure to provide proper care, especially medical treatment, to nursing home residents can lead to tragic consequences. A Belleville elderly care facility's neglect led to the death of one of its residents almost two years ago, according to a wrongful death lawsuit recently filed by her family.

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