If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, it is important that you begin looking out for your best interests.

What information should you collect after a collision?

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A collision’s aftermath can be confusing and disorienting, causing you to forget what you should do right after the crash. In the moment, it is vital to focus on seeking medical care, especially if you or other parties sustained injuries. Additionally, gathering and providing information at the scene can help you and others get in touch long after the crash when sorting out damages.

Illinois law may require these details if you plan to take legal action after the collision. Aside from contact information of the other involved parties, you can document other details at the scene, including:

  • Key events leading up to the crash — This information can include any odd behavior or road obstructions that could have caused the collision. It can also be beneficial to map out the positions of the involved vehicles before and after the accident.
  • Markings or damage caused by the collision — These details can include skid marks, dents and other signs of wreckage.
  • Other conditions at the scene — In addition to photographing damage, it can be helpful to document other factors, such as unsafe potholes, slippery portions of the road, and other notable hazards.

Sometimes, your recollection of the accident may also lack detail, considering the shock you experienced. If people were present when the collision happened, speaking to witnesses can help address any inconsistencies.

Understanding what happens after a collision

After any motor vehicle accident, the next steps can quickly become complex, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, you may need to heal from injuries while speaking to other parties regarding your rights and obligations. These matters can be a significant burden on a patient. If you cannot oversee these concerns, you could seek legal counsel. 

Aside from providing insight, their guidance can help you go through any legal issues that are too difficult to grasp during recovery. Equipping yourself with valuable knowledge and advice can help you understand your situation and take legal action appropriately.


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