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Bicycle accidents could carry serious health repercussions

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Injuries

While many avid cyclists might choose to promote a safer riding experience by taking a defensive approach to cycling, there may only be so much one can control when riding near traffic. Should the actions of a nearby driver create a hazardous situation, cyclists may struggle to move out of harm’s way and the fallout of such an incident could prove devastating. Bicycle accidents can carry serious health repercussions that could forever alter the lives of avid cyclists in Illinois.

Bicycle crash injuries

There are a variety of injuries one might suffer in a bicycle-related crash, each of which could leave a person facing numerous challenges in life. Similar incidents run the unfortunate risk of leaving riders with severe road rash injuries or painful strains and sprains of muscles and ligaments. With little to shield a rider from harm, bicycle crashes could also lead to a greater risk of bone fractures and breaks.

Studies also indicate that head injuries remain unfortunately common among victims of bicycle crashes and such conditions may range anywhere from minor concussions to permanent brain damage. Back and spinal cord injuries also remain a common concern for those involved in similar incidents. Injuries to the back or spine could lead to disc-related health conditions, or even prompt issues with partial or complete paralysis.

The presence of negligence

Avid cyclists may be aware that a portion of their safety might rest in the hands of nearby drivers and bicycle accidents stemming from the decisions of negligent drivers can carry catastrophic ramifications. The outcome of such a crash could leave a cyclist with serious or permanent injuries and facing a lengthy recovery period, and the financial hurdles that could stem from medical expenses and loss of wages may also prove dire in nature. Following the incident, a person in Illinois might find it helpful to consult with an attorney for advice on the available legal avenues and the next steps to take to protect his or her future interests.


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