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Nursing home neglect and the risks of poor hygiene

While individuals who reside in care facilities may rely on staff members to provide them with a certain quality of care, things might not always work out as intended. Lack of proper care could expose care facility residents to numerous health concerns, some of which might stem from a lack of hygiene. 

Similar issues could pose a significant threat to one’s well-being and individuals in Illinois who are subjected to such forms of nursing home neglect may suffer in various ways. 

Impact of poor hygiene 

Many of those who reside in care facilities may be unable to care for themselves and if staff members fail to help with issues such as hygiene, the results could prove disastrous. Poor hygiene could expose a person to numerous health hazards, such as a greater risk of infections or of suffering from issues such as athlete’s foot or body lice. Lack of proper hygiene could also increase the risks of UTIs, bowel control and even scabies.  

Studies indicate that those who suffer from similar forms of neglect may experience numerous health concerns and they might not always be able to protect against the repercussions thereof. While even acts such as washing one’s hands and brushing one’s teeth could help stave off certain health issues, those who rely on others for assistance with these actions may struggle if denied the necessary care. While many of these conditions might be entirely avoidable if the proper care is provided, such issues continue to affect the lives of many individuals. 

The well-being of a loved one 

Families who feel that their loved one has suffered harm due to nursing home neglect may wish to take every possible measure to protect against such issues, but they might need guidance on the next steps to take. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Illinois who can address the situation a person is facing and provide guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can help a client prepare to safeguard the interests of his or her loved one and if necessary, assist in preparing to seek any restitution entitled through the appropriate channels. 


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