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Nighttime driving could carry various accident risks

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Injuries

While evaluating some of the leading causes of collisions, some individuals in Illinois and elsewhere might not always include factors such as the time of day. Studies indicate that there are a variety of safety concerns that may be more prevalent during the nighttime hours. Researchers also suggest that some of these concerns continue to play a role in far too many motor vehicle accidents.

Nighttime hazards

When it comes to hazards of driving at night, studies indicate that issues with vision remain a major issue. As the amount of light that is necessary to see clearly may differ depending on the person, it may be easy to understand how visibility could be a concern during these hours. Studies also indicate that those who operate a vehicle at night may also be more likely to encounter impaired drivers.

Researchers also suggest that fatigue is another common issue with nighttime driving. According to studies, those who drive at night may be more susceptible to succumbing to similar concerns during this time of day. While in some cases, the safest choice might include staying off the road at night, for many, this might not always be an option.

Nighttime accidents

Regardless of how they occur, motor vehicle accidents that take place during nighttime hours can have disastrous results. Those who suffer severe or permanent injuries in a crash that stems from the actions of a negligent driver could choose to speak with an attorney for guidance on their available options for legal recourse. In doing so, a person in Illinois could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of compensation to which he or she is entitled to receive through the proper channels.


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