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Various causes and common types of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Injuries

Most parents in Illinois and elsewhere may feel that the process of preparing to protect the well-being of their child begins as soon as they find out they are about to welcome the child into their family. During pregnancy, parents may take various steps to achieve this goal, but circumstances might not always be fully in their hands. Unfortunately, there are a variety of scenarios in which the presence of medical negligence may increase the risks that a child might suffer severe birth injuries.

Birth injuries can occur during various stages, whether during pregnancy, during labor or after a child is delivered. Experts indicate that one of the most common types of birth injuries pertains to brain damage, which could occur due to diagnostic errors during pregnancy that may cause asphyxia or brain bleeds. Studies also suggest that the use of excessive force or improper procedures during delivery could increases the risks of injury to a child.

Medical issues such as brain bleeds and infections could also cause a baby to suffer from conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, which can disrupt various physical and cognitive functions. Complications that lead to a prolonged labor process could also carry dire repercussions that may place the health of a child at risk. Birth injuries may also vary in severity, as some may lead to temporary hardships while others might result in long-term or permanent health conditions.

The presence of medical negligence during any stage of the pregnancy or birthing process could leave a family facing a variety of challenges. Families who have a child who suffered birth injuries under a similar scenario may wish to seek insight on their available legal avenues by consulting with an experienced attorney. In doing so, a person in Illinois could obtain advice on how to prepare to seek the restitution entitled through a medical malpractice claim and assistance in preparing to navigate the process.


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