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Infections are dangerous and prevalent in nursing homes

| Dec 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

As people grow older in Illinois and develop various health issues, living alone can become more difficult. Family members cannot always provide the required care either. So, some people may need to move into nursing homes to receive care. Nursing homes are supposed to provide care and have professionals who are adequately trained to provide the proper care.

However, this does not always happen in nursing homes and sometimes people become sick or even die because of nursing home neglect. One of type of danger that people may face in nursing homes is infections. People can contract pneumonia, develop urinary tract infections, diarrheal diseases and skin infections, among other issues. These infections can be caused by the medical equipment used, such as feeding tubes or catheters, poorly cleaned surfaces and other causes.

These infections increase mortality rates and can require people to undergo significant medical treatment. This can result in extra medical bills and can be very costly, in addition to potentially costing people their lives. Some of these infections are due to errors by the staff at the nursing home as well. In these situations, people may be able to receive compensation from the nursing home for their mistakes. This can help pay for the extra medical bills and other damages associated with the infection.

Many people in Illinois are either in nursing homes themselves or have loved ones in a nursing home. These people usually receive the medical care that they need, but this is not always the case and they become even sicker – and sadly, sometimes die – due to mistakes made by the staff at the nursing homes. In these situations, the victim’s family may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.


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