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Could there be more to your loved one’s fatal work accident?

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

Accidents happen, or so they say. However, not all accidents are purely accidental. Some are based on the negligence of another, or the inability to take ‘due care’ and this directly impacting the well-being of another. When a worker suffers a fatality on the job, there will be an investigation to determine just what happened.

Some work accidents are just that, terrible accidents. However, sometimes a standard was not upheld in terms of workplace safety, a contractor did not check his equipment or some other gross error was made by another that can easily result in an incident that leads to work deaths. For example, construction negligence can happen on the job in which a worker suffers a fatality. Death of a worker in the course of employment can put attention on the employer or other related parties in terms of why the worker died so suddenly.

Workers’ compensation exists to help rectify the injuries or deaths that cannot be held accountable to negligence. However, if something significant, that is, something that can be attributed to another’s responsibility is believed to have occurred, a more serious personal injury suit citing wrongful death could be necessary. These type of unintentional, but negligent acts, can happen anywhere – including the workplace. In Illinois, a wrongful death suit must be filed by the decedent’s personal representative.

Work is a place that many of us dread going. However, none of us ever believe that we may actually die on the job. For some, that’s the fate that befell them. Take appropriate action based on a full investigation of your loved one’s fatal work accident.


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