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BLS releases Illinois fatal work-related accident statistics

On an annual basis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics accrues the statistics for those who have suffered a work-related accident for Illinois and states across the entire country. In 2014, there were 163 fatal injuries suffered at work. Across the nation, nearly 4,700 people died in fatal incidents at work in 2014. That is an increase from slightly fewer than 4,600 in 2014.

The most common ways in which people died at work in Illinois were in the transportation industry with 58. Those who died because of violence from people, animals and due to equipment and objects came to 31. Thirty people died after tripping, falling or slipping. Combined, these factors came to 92 percent of all fatal incidents in the state. For transportation fatalities, 33 people died in accidents with motorized land vehicles. Of the 31 who died due to violence, 27 did so because of intentions on the part of the other person. Out of 31 people, 27 died from contact with equipment or when being struck by objects. Of the 30 people who died from falls, 24 fell to a lower level from where they were.

Across the United States, the most common way in which workers were killed was in transportation incidents. They accounted for 40 percent of these fatalities. Next was 17 percent from slips, trips or falls. In Illinois, 19 percent of the fatalities were because of injuries that came from violence, animal attacks, or contact with equipment or objects.

These statistics are not just useful for the government agency to come to various conclusions about a work-related accident or incident and learn how to prevent them. They are also useful for people whose family member has died at work. The financial implications for the worker’s family can be enormous. When there has been a death of a worker in the course of employment, speaking to an attorney experienced in construction negligence can be helpful in pursuing a claim.

Source: bls.gov, “Fatal Work Injuries in Illinois — 2014,” accessed on Dec. 15, 2015


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