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Cook County lawyers specializing in nursing home deaths

Many Cook County, Illinois, elderly people who are dealing with a disability spend years in nursing homes in order to get the medical care that they need. However, recent cases have shown that nursing homes can be places of neglect and abuse for such people. In some cases, the resident of the nursing home passes away due to abuse and neglect. The attorneys at Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. have helped many victims in nursing homes to obtain the justice that they and their family members deserve.

In many cases, the elderly are one of the most vulnerable groups of people when it comes to cases of nursing home abuse and nursing home deaths. In many cases, elder abuse is found to be so rampant in the nursing homes that the abuse may cause a fatality. The elderly are subjected to physical abuse as well as sexual abuse at the hands of the nursing home staff at times.

Because of that situation, state authorities encourage people with an elderly loved one in a nursing home to look for any sign of abuse or neglect. Nursing home neglect may come in the form of bedsores and heightened discomfort. While dealing with such elder abuse and neglect cases, the attorneys at Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. have observed that many times, signs of such abuse may go unnoticed.

Tragically, many elderly residents of a Cook County nursing home do not have family who come and visit them regularly. Such patients become even more vulnerable at the hands of such perpetrators and they might not feel safe enough to report such abuse and neglect. Reporting nursing home abuse and neglect is the most important step toward prosecuting such perpetrators. Nursing home authorities also have a responsibility to look into the matter closely and vigilantly, and to take action to protect the victim at all times.


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