Premise Liability

Premises liability is the area of law involving injuries caused by an unsafe condition or a hazardous activity on someone else’s property. A landowner and/or possessor of property must protect those who are lawfully on their property. A premise liability lawsuit often arises from a landowner’s or occupant’s failure to correct a dangerous condition on their property or warn of its existence. Premise liability claims often involve injuries caused by improper maintenance or management, improper repairs, failure to warn, improper supervision or inadequate security measures.

Injuries on properties can include those from slip-and-falls, physical or sexual assault, dog bites, exposure to hazards substances such as lead or mold or hazardous activities conducted on a construction site.

It is essential to contact a lawyer to investigate the potential to file a premise liability claim if you have been injured as a result of the hazardous condition or activity on the property of another party. Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. has successfully represented the interests of clients who have suffered serious injuries caused by hazards on the property of businesses, landlords, nursing homes, department and grocery stores, municipalities and public agencies.
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